Damn crusaders

They're a bitch to draw and color.

Full view in my DeviantArt.

Tag : tinierme fanart


Full view

Currently working on this.

Topic : TinierMe - Genre : OnlineGames

Tag : tinierme fanart


My SELFY in TinierMe.

Tag : tinierme fanart

Sparrow and Crane

My SELFY and...

*hugs Shuichi*

^ scanned from Gravitation manga vol 8

Topic : TinierMe - Genre : OnlineGames

commission.1 [TM]

For Mad Bomber.

Topic : TinierMe - Genre : OnlineGames

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I may not be Japanese, but I hope you won't use my images without permission.
Thank you so much.


Note: I have no permanent art style, so expect different styles posted here.


19, and I love to draw.

Hello, my name is Guia, and as I have said, I love drawing.

I doodle more than I make an actual art, so I barely touch my DeviantArt. I still like to post art online, so I made this fc2 blog. You'll be finding a lot of fanart and mostly, original art here.

I hope you'll enjoy my entries!

Please take note that everything in this blog is made by me, even that header up there. I took a photo of it and edited it in Photoshop. c:

Sa mga kababayan ko, magandang araw/gabi. Sana'y maging magkaibigan tayo dito. Tama ba and grammar ko?

add me?



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